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30th Apr - 6th May 2023



       The Temple of Lord Shiva - Rameshvaram


This is a Temple of Lord Shiva called Rameshvar. This indicates that Lord Shiva is a great personality whose worshipable Deity is Lord Rama. Thus the Lord Shiva found in the Temple of Rameshvaram. He is a great Devotee of Lord Ramachandra.

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          Eternally Holy place - Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram, also known as Benares of Southern India or The City of Temples, is one of the most ancient and sacred cities of India. Kanchipuram is an eternally holy place and has some of the most magnificent temples. Kanchi Kamakshi Temple is the highly revered abode of Kamakshi (Goddess Parvathi) - consort of Lord Shiva. 

  The Temple of Lord Sri Ranganathaswamy - Sri Rangam

Srirangam is famous for its Sri Ranganathswamy temple, a major pilgrimage. Srirangam is one of a few selfmanifested shrines (Swayam Vyakta Kshetras) of Lord Vishnu. The Srirangam temple is one of the three temples of the Lord Ranganatha(Antya Ranga) that are situated in the natural islands formed in the Kaveri river. 

The temple of Goddess Meenakshi - Madhurai

Madhura Meenakshi Sundaraswarar Temple is a historic temple located on the southern bank of the Vaigai River in the temple city of Madura. It is dedicated to the goddess Meenakshi, a form of Shakti, and her consort, Sundareshwarar, a form of Shiva. 

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