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Children Club

Our Children’s Education programs are a fun and interactive way to instill foundational spiritual and moral values in children from a young age. We recognize that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. We aim to facilitate children’s overall growth to become responsible, resourceful, and spiritually strong adults through a variety of activities that they will enjoy.

Value Based Children Activity Class: Every  Saturday(online) & Sunday(Offline), through a blend of slokas, kirtans, Ramayan, Crafting/projects, seminars,Games and followed by Special snacks, children are trained in spiritual wisdom, based on ancient Vedic knowledge. Classes are divided by age groups to cater to the needs of young children and adolescents alike. We foster the quality of children’s faith and character in a loving environment aided by highly experienced and qualified teachers. Classes begin at 4.30PM each Sunday at the temple & at 5.30PM each Saturday(0nline).

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