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  1. This is a pilgrimage not an excursion so be prepared to do some austerity

  2. Devotees are expected to follow all the regulative principles i.e. No meat eating, no intoxication, no smoking etc.

  3. Every new comer is expected to chant at least 8 rounds of Japa

  4. Devotees should pay attention on the instructions of the organizers and follow

  5. Devotees should follow the punctuality. Do not let everyone wait due to one person’s delay

  6. If we are punctual we can visit many places otherwise, we need to cut them down according to the available time

  7. Before going to any place other than the tour sites, please inform the organizers

  8. Make serving other devotees as the prime duty

  9. We came here to get the mercy of the Lord. So, control not to fight for small things. Avoid un-necessary talks

  10. During Darshan and whenever is required please follow queue

  11. Give priority to senior devotees and ladies

  12. Parents are requested to pay attention on their children during trip and lecture

  13. Do not invite unknown (local) guests to join yatra

  14. Yatra is possible because of the presence of every  devotee so be with grateful heart

  15. Organizers are expecting your full co-operation to run the yatra smoothly

Rules to be followed by devotees during yatra

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