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ISKCON's focus on development of family values through spirituality based on Vedic scriptures is taken care of by Bhakti VrikshaBhakti Vriksha literally means the tree of devotion. This is an outreach program of ISKCON aimed at families who wish to practice spirituality at their homes. It aims to create a society where every home is a temple. It offers a two-hour weekly program especially for householders. The householders can diligently carry on their occupational duties and can simultaneously lead a God centered life.

Mantra meditation, group discussions based on sastras, question answer sessions, melodious kirtans, bhajans and delicious Krsna prasadam are the major highlights of the program.. It creates strong bonding among like- minded people by having yatras, festivals, doing services together etc, thus aborbing them into a big devotional family. As of now, more than 6 weekly Bhakti Vrikshas are happening in various parts of Vijayawada

Bhakti Vrikshas

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