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 Anna Daan Seva for
Ayodhya Rama Mandir Opening

24 Jan - 23 Feb

Join us in the auspicious Ayodhya Rama Mandir Opening Seva by making a kind contribution to provide the prasadam to devotees, sadhus and visitors during this auspicious occasion of the temple opening of Lord Ramachandra at Ayodhya- the birth place of Lord Rama.

  • Total 6,00,000 prasadam plates will be served for one month from 24 Jan -23 Feb 2024

  • Cost per one plate prasadam is Rs 100/-


Scriptures mention food (prasadam) distribution as one of the most charitable acts. Food (prasadam) distribution is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. Prasadam is infused with blessings. It not only nourishes the body but it energizes the soul one with unlimited blessings of Lord Rama 


The UP State Administration has provided ISKCON 4 acre land to provide high quality free prasadam distribution to the lakhs of visitors attending the function. ISKCON is preparing to distribute 6 lakh full plates of prasadam over 1 month. Also would be distributing over a lakh Bhagavad Gita freely to the visitors.

Please donate generously and do not miss this unique opportunity to receive the unlimited blessings of Lord Rama. Contribute to help us make this this occasion very special. 

Or, Rama Mandir Seva of Your Choice


Bank Name       :    IDFC
Account Name   :    (ISKCON)
Account No       :    10041733730    
IFSC Code        :    IDFB0080392

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For more information please Call or Whatsapp:+91 99-5568-5568 from Monday to Saturday between 9:00am to 6:00pm

You are invited to honour prasadam at our ISKCON Free Annadaan kshetra if you visit Ayodhya during this period

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