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Gopal Fun School or GFS is a weekend program specially designed for the urban kids. Giving proper education and fulfilling your child’s need is the only wish of parents. Gopal Fun School understands the importance and value of the essential skills and the right attitude. Therefore, we provide the right training so that kids can learn with fun. Our dedicated learning programs will enable your kids to learn the cultural value.


Presently, we are living in a modern society. Depression, stress, violence, addictions and offending behavior are some of the major problems. Now, children have less value and respect for their elders. So we,at ISKCON Vijayawada, we choose to train the children in character and values what the modern education system seriously lacks. Our special study programs are designed to bring that ethical value back. We believe that spiritually guided kid is well-equipped to face all the difficulties and challenges of life with ease.


Gopal Fun School

Super Blissfull Sunday  Program

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